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The McAfee Institute Is The Simple, Yet Most Powerful Way To enhance your career!
I love it so far - I can't give enough positive feedback ~ Scott M.

The Learning Experience
Online Self-Study Programs
We offer 100% online-self study programs that you can take from any device and any place around the world as long as you have a good internet connection. You can pick back up right where you left off at any time.
Live Tutorial Based Training
There are no boring theories here. All of our programs offer real-world training via video based tutorials teaching you the "how-to's" vs just talking about them.
Digital Content at its Best!
Our content is all digital so you know what that means right? You get access right away. That also means we can push updates instantly when things change in the industry. It also means you never pay for updates link you do if you buy a physical book.
Live Instructor Support
We offer the best of both worlds. You can study online as you see fit. But when you need help or have a question we have live instructors to help and the click of a button.
Online Certification Exam
The board certification examination is taken online from the comfort of your home or office when you want to take it. You have one year from the date of purchase to sit for the exam.
Over 2000 Investigative and Intelligence Agencies all around the world attend our programs each year.  We would love to have you apart of our team as well.
Here is what makes us different than every other training and certification company out there.

Lifetime Access

You have lifetime access to your training materials, course updates and the alumni network.

Exam Guarantee

We are so confident in our training if you take the entire course and get 90% or better on your practice quizzes and fail the final exam, you can take it again on us for FREE.

3- Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 3 Day Money Back Guarantee. View up to 5 % of the program if you don't think its for you just let us know and we will refund every dime you spent.

People that Actually Care & Help

We are very reachable folks. You can email us, chat with us live, call us, connect with us on LinkedIn and more. We care about your success.

Renewing Your Credentials

You only have to renew our programs every two years and you can earn the CPE with any organization that is authorized to issue CPE. Of course we would love it if you earned the with us ;).

Access from any device

Our program can be accessed from any device as long as you have the internet.

Live Instructor Support

We offer 24/7/365 live instructor support to help you work through your program with us. 

Real Customer Service

We off 24/7/365 live customer support from real people here in the U.S that actually work for us.There is no outsourced help here from a call center in the middle of no where, that you cant understand..

Affordable Training 

Our programs are actually affordable. We make it even easier with our convenient payment plan.

Our Programs are Affordable

Our programs are actually affordable. We make it even easier with our convenient payment plan.
This is what our students have said about our programs
Don't take our word, see our testimonials

I have been a learner of McAfee for years now and it's worth every penny for the certifications. The content is current and specific to the certifications.

Marc-Roger G.

I recently went through the SMIA and it was honestly, the #1 training course I have attended in over 30+ years. I have been in the telecommunication, computer and digital forensics industry for over 40 years. The 'tricks of the trade' you will learn in the SMIA are second to none. Take one of these courses and at the end, ask yourself, 'was it worth the time?' ... nuff said!

Gary T.

The course was incredibly comprehensive. The level of detail went far beyond what I a very good way. As a security professional and investigator for over 20 years I can say that there was so much I didn't know. I'll be a better investigator and leader as a result. The course consists of a great deal of video and reading assignment, which helped to break it up. While some may know some of the content, it's unlikely that you will take this course and not learn a great deal of new techniques and best practices. Worth every penny.

Randy L.

I am a Detective assigned to the Economic Crime Unit at Upper Merion Township Police Department. The King of Prussia Mall, the 2nd largest mall in the United States with over 500 stores in 3.8 million square feet of retail space is located within our jurisdiction, so you can see how important a course such as Organized Retail Crime Investigator would be to our Police Department. 

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is involved in Economic Crime _ Detectives, Uniformed Officers and Loss Prevention Personnel. The information provided is invaluable. The support team - Justice Simone - was top notch in answering all my questions and keeping me on track. The course provided me with a solid foundation to build upon. I was able to put to use, immediately, the techniques that were being taught in each module. Cant' wait to start the next course and expand my knowledge base. Thank you!!

Jerome T.
The Kleuh was the perfect solution for my small business. It's targeted, mobile responsive, out of the box ready, elegant and simple.  If you're looking for a great template look no further because The Kleuh has your covered.

Janice Doe
The McAfee Institute Is The Simple, Yet Most Powerful Way To enhance your career!
I love it so far - I can't give enough positive feedback ~ Scott M.

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